Partnership benefits | Media

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Make sure to associate your brand with our upcoming edition! Here are some key benefits that we could provide you with:
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Partnership opportunities - media

Invite investors, publicize the event on your own channels, and get exclusive benefits including

VIP Invitations for a few Board members and senior members of the organization

Free passes to the event and complimentary accommodation at the Intercontinental Grand Hotel  Opera

A seat at the Gala Dinner and Global Invest Sustainable Awards ceremony on Oct. 10th

Networking and Editorial opportunities

Organize a thematic workshop under your responsibility

Moderate a panel discussion and invite your selected speakers

Arrange your interviews in the media room and the GIF TV Studio

Participate to the jury of one of the GIF Sustainable Awards

Optimize your GIF contacts by pre-organizing your meetings on the WebApp

Report one of the I.I reserved exchanges at the Agora of European Institutional Investors


Present your publication in your branded space in the event venue

Your branded event registration webpage for your guests

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